Yamaha P35B Review

Yamaha P35B


Product Name: Yamaha P35B Digital Piano

Dimensions     : Width 1326mm, Height 154mm, Depth 295mm

Weight             : 11.5kg

Price                 : $429.99

Rating              : 4.8/5.0

Available at    : Amazon


When my sister started her 5 years old daughter on piano, she decided to get a smaller size and more portable digital piano because of space and budget problem. After doing some surveys and research, we have found a great digital piano with an affordable price – Yamaha P35B.


Yamaha P35B Digital Piano

The 88 keys Yamaha P35B digital piano is equipped with a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard. The keys are weighted like an acoustic piano. Although the key action is not as perfect as the real piano, it works pretty well for a beginner to experience the feeling of practicing on a weighted keyboard. Built in with the Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) technology, the sound quality of this keyboard is great and resembling the professional stereo sound.


Another reason that I am satisfied with this model is its simplicity. It is equipped with the basic features of a digital piano without including the redundant buttons and functions which can distract young kids from their practice. On the top panel, there are only the on and off button, volume slider, and a button to select the sounds. The 10 sounds available for selection include acoustic piano, electric piano, harpsichord, organ, and others. Besides, there is a built-in metronome in this digital piano too.  When you purchase Yamaha P35B, it also comes together with a keyboard stand and a sustain pedal.



  • Full number of keys like an acoustic piano
  • Weighted keyboard
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Great sound and superior speaker quality
  • Built-in metronome



  • Lacking recording feature
  • Less realistic piano experience with only 32-note polyphony compared to some other models which offer 128 or 256-note polyphony
  • Not accommodated for a 3-pedal unit


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Watch the Video Below for a Demonstration of  the Features of Yamaha P35B:



Final Verdict


Yamaha P35B digital piano is perfect for piano beginners because of its 88 weighted keys, great sounds, and simple features. It is also a good choice for advanced piano players who are looking for a simple and portable keyboard with great functions. Definitely worth the price for its good value.


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Are you deciding on which instrument to buy for your kid who is just beginning on his/her piano lesson? You are recommended to read THIS POST about the factors that you should consider and the criterias to look for when choosing your new instrument. Leave me a comment below if you have any questions or would like to share your own review of Yamaha P35B with us!

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  1. Hey,
    Would you say that a keyboard like this one is a good way of starting to learn how to play piano?
    I always had an interest for it but like you said a piano can be a bit pricey and it is quite spacious as well. I remember my friend had one of these as a kid and I always wondered how he managed to make music come out of that with his fingers.
    Really love the idea of being able to play it. I also heard it’s quite easy to learn as a beginner.

    1. Hi Esteban, thanks for your comment. Yamaha P35B is a great choice if you’d like to learn piano but not ready to invest on an acoustic piano yet. It is not impossible to learn piano as an adult if you are dedicated and persistent. Good luck to you!

  2. This seems like a pretty good product for a beginner. I like the fact that it gives you the feeling of if you’re playing a piano. That makes for an easy transition to playing an actual piano.

    I don’t think that the recording feature is that important or a beginner. I rarely use the recording function on my keyboard, even when I write music. Overall, I think the Yahama P35B would make a great practice instrument for anyone now starting out. With a brand name like Yamaha, you really can’t go wrong.

    1. Hi Vanessa, thanks for reading this review! Yes, the weighted keys of Yamaha P35B offer a great advantage to piano players compared to other keyboards without this feature. It’s a great choice for beginners too.

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