Richard Clayderman: The Prince of Romance

Richard Clayderman



Richard Clayderman Biography

Pianist Name: 
Philippe Pagès

Stage Name  : Richard Clayderman

Born               : December 28, 1953

Nationality   : French


Early Life


Richard Clayderman was born Philippe Pagès on December 28th, 1953 in Paris. As the son of a piano teacher, Philippe was taught how to play piano at a very young age. At the age of 12, he was accepted at the Conservatoire of Music where, at 16, he won first prize. Instead of continuing his career as a classical pianist, Philippe cast aside his classical training and turned to contemporary music.


Philippe’s father was seriously ill at that time and unable to support him financially. Hence, he worked as an accompanist and session musician to earn a living.


Ballade pour Adeline


In 1976, Philippe Pagès experienced a dramatic change in his life when he received a telephone call from Olivier Toussaint, a well-known French record producer.  Olivier Toussaint and his partner, Paul de Senneville, was looking for a pianist to record a gentle piano ballad which was composed by Paul as a tribute to his newborn daughter “Adeline”. The 23-year-old Philippe was granted the job because of his special soft touch on the keyboards with his reserved personality and good looks.


Adopting his great-grandmother’s maiden name, Philippe Pagès’ name was changed to Richard Clayderman by his producer. The single, “Ballade pour Adeline” has sold an astonishing 22 million copies in 38 countries. Richard was given the nickname “The Prince of Romance” by Nancy Reagan.


Marriage and Family


Richard Clayderman was married to his first wife, Rosaline, at the age of 18 and they have a daughter, Maud. They divorced 2 years later as his career began to flourish. He met his second wife, Christine, a former hairdresser, at the theatre. In 1980, they got married and have a son, Peter. In 2010, he acquired another wife, Typhaine, who played in the orchestra that accompanies Richard as a violinist.


As a famous pianist, Richard Clayderman feels that the biggest price he has to pay is the limited time he can spend with his family. However, he accepts this sacrifice as part of his duty to his millions of fans.


The Music of Richard Clayderman


Until today, Richard Clayderman has recorded over 1,200 melodies. He has combined his ‘trademark’ originals with classics and pop standards to create a “New Romantic” style repertoire. His achievement includes reaching a massive worldwide record sales of approximately 90 million and an incredible 267 Gold and 70 Platinum discs to his credit. A list of Richard Clayderman’s album and DVD collection can be found HERE.


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Song Book

The Richard Clayderman Collection for Easy Piano

This song book consists of the piano sheet music of 22 classical melodies performed by Richard Clayderman. The song list includes Fur Elise, Ode to Joy, Ave Maria, Brahm’s Lullaby and many more. This arrangement is suitable for intermediate piano players.



 The Very Best of Richard Clayderman

A 3-CD set with 54 tracks of Richard Clayderman’s music from the all time favorite top hits. The soothing music is good for relaxation and calming effect. A great collection for Richard Claydeman’s fan!


Richard Clayderman’s Romantique Album Released in 2013:


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