Mastering the Art of Piano Sight Reading: A Review

Mastering the Art of Piano Sight Reading


Sight reading is an important skill that needs to be achieved by all pianist. However, many pianists and piano students feel that their sight-reading skill is way below their playing skill. This is because sight reading is a skill that can only be developed slowly over time with sufficient practice. Nonetheless, practicing sight reading with a correct approach can help to speed up this process and improve your sight reading tremendously in a short period of time. Therefore, finding a good course and using the proper materials are the most practical way to achieve a satisfying effect.


Product Name: Mastering the Art of Piano Sight Reading (DVD Lessons)

Author             : Yoke Wong

Price                 : $99

Rating              : 4.6/5.0

Level                : Suitable for late beginner level and early intermediate level

Available at    :


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What Do You Get?


Mastering the Art of Piano Sight Reading is a comprehensive sight reading course which includes two DVDs with 2.5 hours video lessons, one CD with 500 computer exercises and one 196 pages book.


Well-Explained Lessons and Exercises

This course provides a step by step guide for sight reader from beginner to advanced level. Each lesson in the DVD is well-explained and supplemented by relevant exercises and practice drills. Read the content of the DVDs here.


One of the examples of Intermediate Level Sight Reading Exercise:


Example of Intermediate Sight Reading Exercise


Interesting Approach Aided with Diagrams and Charts

Some of us especially young kids may feel dull and bored when practicing sight reading with a book. Yoke Wong has created a solution for this by introducing an interesting learning approach with DVD lessons and computer exercises. The lessons are complemented with attractive diagrams and charts to deliver the technique in a fun and engaging way.


Great Sight Reading Tips

There are tons of great sight reading tips provided by Yoke Wong in this course. The lessons are teaching sight readers how to read and recognize notes from both treble clef and bass clef fast by using the mirror concept. Besides, the lessons also comprise the correct way of counting the rhythm, reading a group of notes together and many other useful tips.


Watch the Example of Beginner Sight Reading Exercise from the Video Below:



Interactive Sight Reading Course


Learning process can always be speeded up if there are someone out there who can offer advice and guidance on the problem you faced. Yoke Wong tried to make this course as interactive as possible by offering tips through email and live webinars.


The Verdict


Mastering the Art of Piano Sight Reading is an excellent course for pianists to improve their sight reading. It is also a very effective approach for piano students to prepare for their piano exam.


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