For Horowitz aka My Piano

For Horowitz


“For Horowitz” is a warm and touching Korean movie about a piano teacher and her student. For classical music lovers, this is a good treat because you can enjoy the soothing and nice music while watching the story which is filled with love and tears. It is impressive that the little actor in this movie, Sin Ee-jae who was acting as Yoon Kyeong-min really plays the piano in the movie all by himself.


Kyeong-min in "For Horowitz"Title                  : For Horowitz aka My Piano

Director            : Kwon Hyeong-jin

Release Date   : 25 May 2006

Language         : Korean

Running Time : 108 min




Uhm Jung-hwa as Kim Ji-soo

Sin Ee-jae as Yoon Kyeong-min

Park Yong-woo as Shim Gwang-ho




Kyeong-min and Ji-soo in "For Horowitz"Kim Ji-soo is a 30-year-old single woman whose dream was to become a famous pianist like Vladimir Horowitz.  Due to financial problem of her family, she ended up opening a small piano school on the outskirts of Seoul. There, she met a 7-year-old orphaned boy Yoon Kyeong-min who is staying with his grandmother.


One day, Ji-soo discovered that Kyeong-min is a music prodigy who has perfect pitch and great talent in piano playing. She decided to give him intensive piano lessons and mold him into a pianist so that she can also gain reputation and fame. However, things did not turn out well as planned. When everything seems lost, Ji-soo finally realized that all Kyeong-min need is love.


Ji-soo and Gwang-ho in "For Horowitz"


What touches the audience’s heart in this story is how Ji-soo helps Kyeong-min to go through his hard time and saves him from his tragic past. Although Ji-soo’s first intention was selfish, she has created a special bond and relationship with Kyeong-min through her motherly love. Using music as a language for communication, she managed to open Kyeong-min’s heart. A little spice is added into the story when a pizza man, Shim Gwang-ho acted by Park Yong-woo falls in love with Ji-soo and takes piano lessons just to get close to her.


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Piano Music in “For Horowitz”


Claude Debussy – Arabesque No. 1

Robert Schumann – Kinderszenen Op. 15 No. 7, Traumerei

Mozart – Piano Sonata in C, K. 545


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