Review of Faber Piano Adventures Method Book

Faber Piano Adventures


Title          : Faber Piano Adventures

Authors    : Nancy Faber and Randall Faber

Publisher : Hal Leonard

Rating      : 4.8/5.0


About the Authors

Faber Piano Adventures method book series are written by Nancy and Randall Faber. The husband and wife team has founded the Faber Piano Institute in Ann Arbor recently and has authored over 200 publications of the piano.


Nancy Faber‘s award winning compositions include Tennessee Suite for Piano and String Quartet and  her flute quartet Voices from Between Worlds. She was given the title “Distinguished Composer of the Year” by the Music Teachers National Association.


Randall Faber is a classical pianist who holds three degrees from the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in education and human development from Vanderbilt University. He gives lectures about musical artistry around the world and he has been a master teacher for the World Piano Pedagogy Conference, the Music Teachers National Association Conference, and the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy.


Performances of both husband and wife have been aired on television and public radio. The philosophy of the Fabers is to develop student’s creativity and cognitive development while cultivating their expression and performance skills in piano.


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Series For Young Children

My First Piano AdventureMy First Piano Adventure


Levels: A, B, C


This series is specially designed for young beginners who are just beginning their piano learning adventure. To capture the child’s attention and playful spirit, the books are filled with fun songs, games and activities. Children are exposed to the keyboard, note values, clefs, and some basic pre-reading. Each level consists of a lesson book, a writing book, and an audio CD for listening, singing, tapping, and play-along. There is a Christmas book in each level too.


My First Piano Adventure is a great series for young kids because they always enjoy learning in a fun way. Young kids have a very short attention span and the fun-filled teaching approach introduced in this series is just nice to catch their attention and nurture their musical talent.


Interesting Piano Learning Activities From My First Piano Adventure:


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Piano AdventuresPiano Adventures


Levels: Primer, Level 1, Level 2A, Level 2B, Level 3A, Level 3B, Level 4, Level 5


After young students have built some foundation from My First Piano Adventure, they can be promoted to Piano Adventures series. In this series, there is a total of 8 levels. In each level, there are lesson book, theory book, performance book, technique & artistry book, sightreading book, popular repertoire book, and Christmas book. CDs are available too.


The lesson books progress slowly and steadily which bring students from primer level to level 5. This series teaches note reading in a comprehensive way which helps students to slowly grasp the concept without struggling to read the notes. Music theories and piano playing techniques are illustrated by cute diagrams and pictures to help students understand and absorb the information easily. After students have completed the lesson book, the performance book, popular repertoire book and Christmas book are good for expanding their repertoire while adding more fun to their piano learning. However, these books are optional if students feel bored and prefer to proceed to a higher level.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star From Performance Book of Piano Adventures Primer Level:


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Series For Older Beginner and Adult

Accelerated Piano AdventuresAccelerated Piano Adventures


Books: 1, 2


Accelerated Piano Adventures series is designed for older beginners who are more mature and able to learn at a faster pace. Book 1 combines primer level and level 1 of Piano Adventures series while book 2 combines level 2A and level 2B of Piano Adventures series. Similarly, each level consists of lesson book, theory book, performance book, technique & artistry book, sightreading book, popular repertoire book, and Christmas book. After completing the two books, students can proceed to level 3A of Piano Adventures series.


Chopin Waltz From Accelerated Piano Adventures Lesson Book 1:


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Adult Piano AdventuresAdult Piano Adventures


Books: 1, 2


Written for adult beginners, Adult Piano Adventures series consists of two “All-in-one” lesson books and two Christmas books with CDs. This series is a comprehensive course which enables adult beginners to learn piano by their own. Book 1 emphasizes on notes reading. Upon completion, students will be equipped with the skills of playing various piano music by reading the notes. On the other hand, book 2 emphasizes on chords and harmonies. Music theory and technical skills are also included in each book. With lots of great tips and well-organized information, this series is definitely an excellent choice for adult learners.


The Entertainer From Adult Piano Adventures “All-In-One” Lesson Book 1:


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The Verdict

The Faber Piano Adventures series are very popular and loved by many teachers. The series are especially useful for beginning teachers who are just starting their music teaching because of its structured syllabus and interesting materials.


The music used in the series are fun, interesting and nice. Most of them are old folk songs, popular tunes, and classical music. Students often find them enjoyable and delightful to play with. Besides piano solos, some duets are also included.


However, one of the disadvantages of the series is that there are too many books in each level. Students may not be able to finish playing all the books in the each level. Therefore, it is up to teachers to choose the books carefully according to student’s learning speed and preference.


Overall, Faber Piano Adventures method book is a great series for piano beginners which helps to build a solid foundation to prepare them for more advanced levels.


Grab a copy of Faber Piano Adventures now!


Have you ever use Faber Piano Adventures method book in your piano learning? If yes, let us know what you think about these method book series in the comment box below!

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  1. Great review, I haven’t used these exact books but I do find them great for learning and teaching children how to play. What age group do you recommend this set of books for?

    I learned when I was younger around 13 years old using these types of books and found them great, my parents couldn’t afford lessons. When I got older I really needed a teacher though when it came to having the right fingering.

    1. Hi Richard, thanks for your comment. The Piano Adventures series are for younger beginner around 7 years old while Accelerated Piano Adventures and Adult Piano Adventures are for older beginner and adult. Although self-learning is possible, getting a good teacher is really important to make sure that correct technique is learned. Wish you all the best in your piano learning!

  2. I just love your passion over piano, it reminding back my passion with piano once a long time before. Well, I ended up with guitar but I’m learning piano by myself along the way, looks like the Faber could bring me practicing on my piano too!

    1. Hi Bernard, I can see that you have very strong passion in music too. It is good that you can learn two instruments at one time. I believe that with your dedication, you will be successful in your piano learning too! I’m sure that the Faber Piano Adventures series can help you.


  3. Hey there Mimosapudica. Really enjoyed reading these reviews. They were very helpful, thank you. You have a lovely site by the way.
    I’m wondering about the Accelerated Piano Adventures books… Do they come with an audio CD like some others? I’ve always found Audio aids to be a great help.
    Anyway, thanks very much for your help. It’s always a big benefit to find some worthy reviews on the MANY piano books out there. Jamie.

  4. This site is really awesome. I began playing piano when I was 14, but stopped playing after about 2 years. It is definitely something I want to start up again soon and your site has a lot of great information especially in the lines of music theory!
    Thanks for your site!

    1. Hi Ananomyx, you are welcome. Glad that you like this site. Hope that the information here can help you in your piano learning. Do check back from time to time!

  5. Hi Saber,

    What a nice article, I really enjoyed reading it!
    I used to play piano few years ago, but I stopped due to my love for horses. I spent all my time with horses and didn’t have time left for the piano. But my daughter really wants to learn how to play and I am going to show her this article. I am sure she will be very pleased to see it!
    Thank you very much!

    1. Hi Daniella, thanks for your comment. I’m happy that you enjoyed my post. It is good that your daughter is developing an interest in piano. How old is she? You can find her a teacher to get her started. If you wish to teach her by yourself, you can try out the Piano Adventure series!

  6. Great site it was very informative, especially when you started to talk about the ABRSM. I had no idea that the ABRSM was. I also didn’t know they were so technical when grading music exams. You said that its good to start piano at an early age,Is there any benefits to starting piano when older (18-22)?

    1. Hi kelechukwu22, thanks for your comment. It is best to start piano at an early age but basically you can learn piano at any age. It is never too late to start and of course, it will still be beneficial!

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