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As a piano student, aural test is always my most dreaded part in the ABRSM piano exam. To be able to answer the questions in this component, a lot of practices are required. Usually, students can only get their practice session of 10 to 15 minutes weekly with teacher. Self practice is much harder compared to other components of the exam because we can’t practice aural alone. Even though books of specimen aural tests are available, we need someone to play the questions for us. AURALBOOK ABRSM has solved this problem because it is an interactive apps with aural test questions that students can practice alone without teacher’s help.




Questions are According to Exam Syllabus AURALBOOK ABRSM Screenshot

AURALBOOK ABRSM is divided into different sections depending on the exam questions in each respective grade. The questions are designed in accordance with latest ABRSM exam syllabus. Students can choose which question they want to practice without following the sequence of the exam. This enable them to practice more on the weaker part and improve it. The aural tests are conducted by an artificial intelligence teacher who speaks in a real human voice.




Performance of Singing and Clapping Analyzed by Artificial Intelligence Teacher

When students sing or clap, the pitch, rhythm or clapping strength will be detected by the system. Then, it will be compared with the original music and the differences will be detected. The mistakes are explained together with suggestions of how to improve the singing or clapping.



Answer and Explanation of the Questions are Provided


After each question is answered, students will be informed about the correct answer. If mistake is made, explanation will be provided together with tips to get the correct answer.



Record of Student’s Result of Each Question

From the rAURALBOOK Screenshotecord tab, students can check their marks on each question under each respective section. They can also check how many questions are completed. From there, students can select specific question to attempt or to repeat. Besides, the record of the overall performance in each section can be accessed from Playnote’s official website.


Aural Test Questions

AURALBOOK ScreenshotThere are 15 questions available for free after you download the apps. Extra questions can be purchased from store. There are 3 sets of courses available, each course containing 60 extra questions for practice. You can either purchase them separately or purchase them in bundle with a discounted price.



Final Thoughts

AURALBOOK ABRSM is a great apps which can help students improve their aural performance. It helps students to become familiar with the exam questions and therefore understand what to expect in the real exam. With lots of practice, student’s mark in the aural component can be increased significantly. Besides, the explanation provided can help students to have a better understanding about their weak area. If you are struggling with aural test, this apps is definitely a good solution to help you improve your marks!


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