A Dozen A Day: Fun Technical Exercises for Young Piano Beginners

A Dozen A Day


Title         : A Dozen A Day

Author     : Edna Mae Burnam

Publisher : The Willis Music Company

Rating      : 4.7/5.0


Levels       : 

A Dozen A Day Mini BookA Dozen A Day Preparatory BookA Dozen A Day Book 1

           Mini Book                 Preparatory Book                   Book One  

A Dozen A Day Book 2A Dozen A Day Book 3A Dozen A Day Book 4

            Book Two                      Book Three                        Book Four

A Dozen A Day Play with Ease in Many Keys

Play with Ease in Many Keys 


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Progressive Technical Exercises


In this series, there are six levels of progressive technical exercises for the piano. The exercises are ranges from early beginner level to late intermediate level. The series start with very simple, short and interesting exercises which can be studied even by the very young beginners.


Short Exercises – Suitable for Young Beginners with Short Attention Span


In A Dozen A Day, technical exercises are divided into five groups. There are twelve short exercises in each group where students can go through them one or two at a time. Compared to other technical exercises such as Hanon and Czerny, short exercises in A Dozen A Day are more suitable for young students because they have short attention span and will easily lose their interest to play a long piece of technical exercise.


Interesting Title and Illustrations for Each Exercise


Each technical exercise in the book is complemented with an interesting title and illustrations. The author describes each exercise as an action such as walking, skipping, jumping, bouncing the ball, and etc. While practicing, students can imagine that they are doing the action with their fingers just like the cute stick figures illustrated with each exercise. This makes the technical exercises really fun and students can remember them easily too.


Example of Technical Exercise from A Dozen A Day
Example of Technical Exercise from A Dozen A Day


Perfect Exercises for Warm Up


The short technical exercises are perfect for warm up before piano practice. Students have the flexibility to choose which exercises to play before each practice section and the exercises can be rotated according to the need and weakness of each individual student.


The Verdict


A Dozen A Day is an amazing and fun series of technical exercises for piano students from beginner to intermediate levels. The interesting title and illustrations of the technical exercises have turned the dull finger practicing activities to something enjoyable. This series is highly recommended for young piano students to learn about scales, arpeggios, and chords while improving their finger strength and dexterity. Teachers are recommended to try this approach with their young students because A Dozen A Day works well with other piano method books too. I am sure that young students will love this series!


Have you used A Dozen A Day in your piano study before? What do you think about this series? Kindly add your review in the comment box below to let us know your experience.

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  1. Great article, thanks!! This a great way of learning for all levels to keep them enticed and move them forward in their piano expertise!!

  2. This book looks awesome.

    This book looks perfect for kids who are learning to play. I love the little stick-men, very unique and fun! As someone is not exactly talented on the piano, I feel this book would even help me to play a bit better.

    Nice review by the way.

    1. Hi Hannah, I love the stick figure too. It is cute and good for stimulating children’s creativity and imagination. You will definitely be benefitted from this series and I am sure that other adult beginners will find it interesting too!

  3. Yay!! Another music lover! This looks like a fabulous series. Anything that can make technique fun has to be amazing. Practicing scales and arpeggios is not always the most fun part for any instrument. I remember being corrected over and over for using the wrong fingers when taking piano lessons. Thanks for a great review!

    1. Hi Melody, glad to have a music lover to stop by and read my post! Practicing scales and arpeggios is used to be a dull and boring task for most music students. That’s why using a fun and special learning method is important to keep the students interested.

  4. Hi Saber,
    I learned a lot about abrsm today and thank you for clearing that up for me 🙂
    I had a look at your profile too because I wanted to know if you had passed the exam and I see your are learning how to play the piano , which is great. I’ve always regretted not having taking piano lessons. I am an electronic music producer but I see I am missing something out to create melodies so I thought about taking some lessons too.
    You website has been very helpful so far and I am looking forward to read more of you! Wishing you the best of luck with the exam 🙂

    1. Hi Angelique, I have passed the Grade 8 piano exam and still learning to pursue a diploma. To me, learning is a lifelong process that wouldn’t end.
      Thanks for your comment and glad that you find this website helpful. Do come back again for more updates on music and piano!


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